Page-list templates & Sliders How manage page-list, how to apply custom templates,...

Pages list & Sliders option's page


You will find all options for pages list and sliders from the sliders option page, under the Theme sue, in the dashboard.

Some options are global, others are specific to certain templates.


Using the Custom Page List Templates

Sue comes with Four custom page list templates:

  • Full Width slider
  • Three columns slider
  • Two columns round
  • Blog list

First, associate an image with each page.

To do this, put the page in Edit Mode and click on Properties. Then click on the Custom Attributes tab. Add the Page Thumbnail attribute. Choose the image you want to use. Hit save, exit Edit Mode and Publish.

Note: Images will be automatically sized and cropped.

Next, add a Page List block to the page you want the page list on. Choose the options you want for the pages to be displayed. Click Add to add the block to the page.

Now, click on the block that you just added and choose Custom Template from the menu. Then, select one of the custom templates from the drop down. Hit Update. Exit Edit Mode and Publish your changes.