Basics How to add a logo, a navigation, Where is the option page, .. Really basics..

Manual Installation

  1. Unzip the ‘theme_sue’ folder to the ‘packages’ folder in the root of your concrete5 installation (NOT 'concrete/packages').
  2. Go to Extend Concrete5 install page in your Dashboard. You should see the Sue Theme package under the New section to be installed.
  3. Install Package.
  4. Go to Pages and Themes page in your Dashboard and Activate the Sue theme.

How to add a Logo ?

By default, the logo area of Sue pulls back the Site Name from the Sitewide Settings section in your dashboard. 

If you want to place your logo, put in edit mode any page of your site and place your logo in the area 'sitewide Site Name'. If it's an image, use the block image''


How to add the top navigation ?

Just add a block 'Auto-nav' to the Sitewide Header Nav Area. Adjust the option like the screenshot below :


Sub Navigation in Sidebar

Simply add an Autonav block to the sidebar and choose the desired settings. For best results, do not display sub pages.